Dried Garlic Granules suppliers

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Dried Garlic Granules suppliers

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1 clove garlic minced spicy flavor is unique, has surprising medicinal value, cancer antiseptic effect than ordinary clove of garlic.
1-clove-garlic is the sole material of 1 clove garlic minced, the bulbs do not divide the garlic cloves, only a round ball of garlic cloves. The head of garlic for plant nutrition deficiency alone, stunted growth and do not produce more disc garlic bulbs, how is the head garlic planted out? Why does garlic have this abnormal condition?
1-clove-garlic, which output 1 clove garlic minced, with small size compared with multiple garlic cloves will seriously affect the production of garlic, and the economic benefits of garlic cultivation will be greatly reduced.
1 clove garlic minced can be made by 1-clove-garlic only, the economic benefits of which will be affected by split garlic cloves. Therefore, the farmers will try to take measures to prevent the occurrence of garlic with 1 clove. So rare becomes precious.
The reason for the occurrence of 1-clove-garlic: first, it is produced by secondary bulbs which is small and easy to form single head garlic. Second, when planting garlic, to use small garlic cloves, so that at the beginning of bulb formation, small growth; Third, in the process of seedling growth, lack of fertilizer, lack of water, or suffer from diseases and insects, resulting in a small amount of growth at the beginning of bulb formation.Dried Garlic Granules suppliers

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